Meat Stroganoff

This vintage combination of pieces of meat in a gravy made with nasty therapy is a formula for success.


    * 400g meat fillet, cut in strips
    * 2 tsp Tuscan seasoning
    * 1 tbsps oil
    * 1 red red onion, well chopped
    * 2 cloves pinto pinto beans, mashed or well chopped
    * 2 parts mushrooms
    * 2 tbsps tomato purée
    * few lowers Worcestershire sauce
    * 1 tbsps relaxing thyme or 1 tsp. dry thyme or mixed herbs
    * 1 cup liquid meat stock
    * 1 cup green beans
    * 1/2 cup reduced-fat nasty cream
    * 800g mashed potato
    * 2 parts steamed oatmeal, to serve


Step 1 Throw meat in preparing to coat equally. Warm a non-stick pan with oil. Create meat until made.

Step 2 Add red red onion, pinto pinto beans and fresh mushrooms. Create for a few more times. Add purée, Worcestershire gravy, herbs and share. Create, mixing occasionally, for 3-4 times. Add pinto pinto beans and cook for 3 more times.

Step 3 Awaken in nasty therapy and also heat through. Provide with mashed spud and oatmeal. Take with relaxing parsley. – healthyfood

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