Pista Kulfi Pistachio Ice Cream 2012


* 4 servings whole milk
* 1 piece of light bread
* 1 tsp. cornstarch
* 1/4 cup sugars, change to taste
* 1/2 tsp. coarsely floor cardamom (ilachi)
* 10 california pistachios cut

1. Eliminate the brown crust area from every side of the breads and cut the breads in little products.
2. Combination breads products, hammer toe starchy foods, and a 1/2 cup of use, making sleek insert and set aside.
3. Come staying use (3.5 cups) in quality container on average heated.
4. Wake up use as needed to keep use from losing on the end of the container. Wake up the sides of the pan to avoid scalding.
5. After use comes to come, let the use come for another 12 times. The objective is to come the use from 3 1/2 parts to 2 1/2 parts.
6. Add the breads blend to the use in losing the pan and create for another 4 times, decreasing the heated to average. Bread and hammer toe starchy foods are included to reduce the water crystallizing in kulfi during freezing.
7. Next add sugars and florida california pistachios and create for 2 more times.
8. Turn off the heated and add cardamom powder substances.
9. Awesome the use to room heat range and put into a serving,
10. Take clear masking location and location it right over the use masking it completely. Note: It is important that the clear masking location versions the use.
11. Put it in refrigerator. It will take about 7 hours for the kulfi to be ready to provide.


1. Modify florida california pistachios with almond or avocado powder substances.
2. Modify florida california pistachios with lastly sliced many many fruits like mangos or berries. Add many many fruits in the end after transforming off the heated.
3. Many everyone loves eating kulfi like a Pop-sicle. Before freezing, put the use go to a Pop-sicle design. If you do not have Pop-sicle design use little newspaper parts and location clear masking location on top of the use and location a Pop-sicle keep in center of cup and lock up.

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