Scrambled Egg Alfredo Bake

After per weeks time of managing here and there, working, taking low fat day food or cereals products because you do not have a opportunity to make an elaborated day food. Make yourself and your family a delightful day food on a Sunday. It will experience better about your life. Here is a Healthy Food Method for your Fun food. Try it!

    * Prepare Time: 20 min
    * Complete Time: 35 min
    * Servings: 6


    * 1 cup exclusive Bisquick mix
    * ¼ tsp. In in german seasoning
    * 6 tablespoons company butter or margarine
    * 1 egg
    * ¼ cup well cut onion
    * ¼ cup cut natural gong pepper
    * 1 jar (4.5 ounces) cut fresh mushrooms, drained
    * 12 egg, beaten
    * 1/3 crumbled precook bacon
    * ¾ cup alfredo grain sauce


   1. Heated variety to 400°F. Take a rectangular shape organizing your receipee food and utilize is with food preparation utilize. The food size can be 8x8x2. Mix Bisquick mix, In in german organizing, and 4 tablespoons butter with a obtain. Gently wake up in 1 egg and set aside.
   2. Liquefy remaining 2 tablespoons butter in a non-stick package. Heat: strategy. Make fresh vegetables, gong boost and fresh mushrooms in butter and wake up fry. Make until the fresh vegetables are smooth and brittle.
   3. Add regular egg to place combination. Make until egg are set. Gently wake up in cash and alfredo gravy. Propagate in organizing your receipee food and decrease it with Bisquick mix.
   4. Make found until major is darkish.

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