10 guidelines for dropping weight

Hello beloved friend, we thought to offer you a September gift, and here it is! 10 mom guidelines for reducing bodyweight. It is so easy to apply them, and you will see results in no more than one month. A flexible midsection and health and mind.

0. Drink at eastern 2 litre of water daily!!! This will treat your body, and help you remove toxins!
1. Give up treats and treats, but also “microwave cooked” foods. 100g of boiled apples contain 66 kcal, while the same amount of treats has neither more nor less than 519kcal.
2. Mainly use essential olive oil. Prevent butter or marg.. Some wines have a special gradation for helping you in offering oil in soups, so you perform them fat!
3. Select dietetic items with no sugars and also, record items with low body fat.
4. Toss items prepared in friteuse: included with oil and totally harmful.
5. Absorbed little sausages or red meat. Focus instead on hen items. When you buy meat or order in a eating place, always opt for the poorest parts: twist, escalope, etc…
6. If offering meat, cut them in slim pieces so you will have less meat to eat in fact.
7. Select water preparing, this way maintains natural vitamins in foods, plus that it does not require the addition of oil.
8. Eat more fresh veggies, fresh fruit, complete cereal products (rice, whole breads, muesli), and spud salad: they contain little or no fat, but a variety of natural vitamins. You can also use freezing fresh veggies because cold retain natural vitamins.
9. Do not buy muesli commercialized in shops because they contain a lot of sugars, crazy, choc treats, so there is no possible reducing bodyweight program in them!
10. Prevent as much as possible chocolates, treats, ice-cream, sugars, and fast-food.

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