Dior to Relaunch Scent Diorling in 2012

The Diorling 2012 scent from the Home of Dior will appear in beginning 2012. The name of Diorling has been known since 1963, when this fragrance masterwork was designed. The leather-chypre structure was provided to the community as the scent of British splendor.

The new edition of the scent has been designed in the soul of the first launch. But it will be more contemporary. The top notices involve Calabrian bergamot, the center notices are Cotton jasmine, and the platform notices are showed by patchouli and set.

The new Diorling 2012 ladies scent will be available after Jan 2012 in the wines of 100 ml.

The Diorling container has modified since plenty of duration of the first launch in the 1960s. Since the scent has been included to the selection of Les Designs de Monsieur Dior, the appearance of the container is the same as in the other items of this selection. Thus, the selection contains eight traditional perfumes from Dior, which have already become bestsellers and the icon of the company.

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